Working With A Winner: Meet Matt White

If there’s one thing you should know about us here at Dynamic Business Solutions, it’s that we work with winners. 

How do you define a “winner?” To us, it means working with someone with incredible work ethic, integrity, commitment, and drive; working with someone like Matt White.

Originally born in Tucson to a military family, Matt quickly learned the art of adaptation! As the Army required his Dad to move every few years, he had the privilege of living in Virginia, Thailand, Texas, and finally, Oklahoma. Adjusting to new schools and cultures, while also trying to make new friends, might seem overwhelming to a teenager, but Matt did it with ease. He threw himself into athletics, playing everything from baseball, soccer, football, and volleyball! Finding his niche in baseball & football, Matt spent the most time playing in Thai recreational leagues and for an international school.

When his family moved back to the States and he turned 18, Matt took that opportunity to, again, expand his wings and move to Tulsa. With con-current schooling back in High School under his belt, he entered college at TCC with existing class credit and a game plan to learn as much about business as he could. Juggling both school, work at Chick-Fil-A, and a side construction contracting gig, Matt soon realized that spreading himself so thin wouldn’t allow him to succeed at any one thing. He embraced his opportunity in construction, formed an LLC at 19 years old, and never looked back!

In the construction industry, Matt and his team built everything from houses in Tulsa to set designs for the movie Starbright (so cool, we know). When the entrepreneur in him was itching again, Matt started a second business in lawn care, growing that over the next years into a massive success. Working mostly with commercial areas in the Tulsa community, Matt learned how to communicate with business owners and present himself with professionalism and enthusiasm.

Fast forward to July 2017 when Matt was helping his fiance job hunt, he stumbled upon Dynamic Business Solution’s job opening and applied out of curiosity. Interested in learning more about marketing concepts that he could take back to his landscaping business, Matt came in for an interview never expecting to take a full-time job. When he learned about the growth opportunity and ability to help oversee a new marketing/sales office for our client, though, he found himself starting full-time just a week later!

Fast forward 3 months, Matt is still as dedicated as they come and focused so intently on the development of himself and his team! With goals of moving into an Assistant Management position in Q1 of 2018 and Management shortly after that, Matt works with great intensity and a clear eye on his goals.

In his free time, he enjoys preparing for his November 1st wedding with his fiance, bow-fishing, watching sports, and hanging out with friends & colleagues. A positive force of energy with the biggest smile, we couldn’t be more grateful to work with Matt and have his skill sets on our team! His future here at Dynamic Business Solutions looks bright – but after all, that’s what you would expect from a winner, right?






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